Don’t End Up With a Sweet Toothache This Holiday

As the holidays are fast approaching, the malls are filled with families and friends buying gifts for loved ones; decorations are being hung up around the home; and recipe books are being pulled out of the cupboards to prepare holiday treats. Many people visit family member’s homes during the holidays, to enjoy a nice and delicious meal. Your sweet tooth will be revealed as you try all of the different pasties, pies, cookies and cheesecakes baked for this occasion.

With all of these sugary treats, it’s important to take care of your teeth, so you won’t end the holidays with a toothache. One of the many services Dr. Ralhan and his team offer at Cornerstone dental and Oak Park dental are Hygiene Services. The professional and friendly dentists will first examine and clean your teeth, and then will take time to discuss various hygiene techniques to improve your overall dental care. Some of the hygiene services include: dental cleanings, assessments, dental x-rays, teeth whitening, laser services, custom sports mouth guards and more. If you want to see some of Dr. Ralhan’s other services click here

So, this holiday season make sure you enjoy time spent with your family and friends, without letting your sweet tooth take full control and leave you with a sore mouth after it’s all over. If you want more information about Dr. Ralhan’s Hygiene Services click here.


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