Fun Ways To Get Kids Brushing Their Teeth!

Oral hygiene is widely recognized of utmost importance, especially getting children focused into a regular hygiene routine at a young age. Sometimes, this can be hard to do as some children simply refuse to get into the twice-daily brushing routine.

Check out these tips and tricks to get children excited to brush:

  • Get creative by using the toothbrush as a train, using noises and actions.
  • Sing the alphabet or use the  time to show the amount of time passed during brushing.
  • Use encouraging words and positive reinforcement. Complement initiative and set goals for children.
  • Make it a family activity together.
  • Allow the child to pick the toothpaste and toothbrush. This makes the experience more  personalized for the child.
  • Use colourful floss to encourage the importance of flossing.
  • Pick a fun or your child’s favourite song to listen to while brushing.
  • Lead by example, show children the necessity of daily brushing and flossing.

These tips and tricks are encouraged by Ralhan Dentistry, the best family dentist in Oakville. Children often respond very well to any fun or exciting action that can be associated with regular brushing. After using these fun tricks many times, children will continue on with this set routine as they grow up. They respond best to routine, brushing will quickly become a desired everyday essential for children, recognizing the importance of good oral hygiene.


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