Get Your Facts Straight – Dental Myths Debunked!

Visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking without knowing all of the myths and facts about dentistry. Ralhan Dental focuses on providing customers with quality service, friendly professionals, and a mutual understanding between patient and dentist. The following are some myths and facts about dentistry.

FALSE: Brushing teeth before visiting Ralhan Dentistry, and they won’t know if the recommended twice daily brushing has been done or not.

Dentists will know by the state of the gums and teeth if regular brushing is done.

FALSE: Children do not need to visit the dentist until they grow a few teeth.

Children should visit as of age 1 to get into a healthy dental hygiene routine.

FALSE: Teeth Whitening is damaging.

Done by a professional, will help ensure no damage to the enamel.  

TRUE: Sugar will cause cavities if teeth aren’t properly and regularly cleaned.

TRUE: Once cavities begin to break through the tooth’s enamel, it won’t be fixed from only brushing.

TRUE: Once a cavity is filled, the tooth can still get a cavity.

Talking to a professional dentist will help distinguish between other myths and facts about dentistry. As a family dentist in Burlington, customer care is a primary concern. Acknowledging the needs and common questions children, teens and adults will have during a regular dentist visit, helps with ensuring all patients understand the ins and outs of oral hygiene.


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