Start Smiling All Summer Long With Proper Dental Cleanings

Over the cold winter months, we seem to accumulate things: dust, dirt, and layers of many kinds. Focusing on creating a “lighter” lifestyle, at the end of winter, is found in many aspects of life: cleaning out closets, focusing on cleaner foods, and working out to shed that “winter layer.”

One that people seem to forget is the layer that builds up on our most prominent feature…our teeth. During the cold winter, a cup of coffee or tea can do the body and mind good, but sometimes it’s not always the best for teeth. As part of a spring-cleaning regime, make sure your teeth are included.

Teeth cleanings aren’t fun for everyone, but they are important to overall health. Having good dental hygiene helps prevent not only tooth loss, it also helps prevent diseases in the rest of the body, including heart disease, dementia, and complications of diabetes.

With over 15 years experience, as a family dentist in Oakville, Dr. Ralhan is well known for giving his patients healthy and beautiful smiles. As the warm weather begins, there is a lot more to smile about so make sure yours is ready! Whether it is a checkup and cleaning, tooth whitening, or full mouth restoration Ralhan Dental will ensure your visit is personalized and most importantly – comfortable! As a family Dentist in Oakville, he and his staff are professionally trained, respectful, and dedicated to give you and your family, the ultimate spring cleaning that will have you smiling all summer long.


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