There’s Always Something to Smile About

Charles Darwin was among the first to explore the science behind smiling and determined that smiling and laughter often occurred together. This discovery lead to the conclusion that smiling and laughter is the outward manifestation of happiness and its main purpose is to serve as a way to connect with others – a form of social bonding.

A genuine and beautiful smile can help an individual stand out more and often times elicit the same reaction: a smile in a recipient. At times, it is difficult to determine the emotion behind a smile, because science has also highlighted the types of smiles and different emotions they represent, such as “flirtatious smile” or the “miserable smile. Regardless of the “type of smile”, it is undeniable that one of the first features humans notice on one another is a smile.

Today, smiles can look their best because of dental hygiene practices and it is important to understand and maintain the health of teeth and gums. Natural factors like cavities, impact the health of our smile. The buildup of plaque onto our teeth can result in cavities, and if not repaired, they can lead to tooth decay. As we age, our teeth can naturally shift and overlap which can cause discomfort. In these scenarios braces can help re-position and straighten a smile. A beautiful smile is healthy, proud, and never afraid to stand out. Whether you need help correcting your smile, or making it look its best visit Ralhan Dental Oakville’s best family dentist.


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